Past, the company Mangalore Robotronics Technologies was running on a proprietorship basis in the name of Mr. Vijay Kumar Bangera and Mr. Prajwal V. Kumar. After its has been transformed into a Pvt ltd Company With name “Mangalore Robautonics Pvt Ltd with two active Directors in the present state. The Company does have passive investors who have contributed a lot in terms of official suggestions and financial support.

Key Members of the Company
1. Vijay Kumar Bangera. Chairman & Founder
2. Prajwal V. Kumar, MD and Co-Founder
3. Dr. B.N Karkera, Director Technology
4. Mrs. Pramitha. Vignesh, Director

Vijay Kumar Bangera holds a Diploma in Electronics Engineering with a bachelor degree in Instrumentation Engineering. Specializations include Industrial Instrumentation, Medical instrumentation and Microwave Engineering. He stared his engineering career by working with TIFR (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai) and later moved towards radio astronomy, working as microwave engineer and carried out the work in cylindrical radio telescope from the year 1965 to 70. Moving from the past job, he took the responsibility of instrument commission engineer for Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilizers (MCF) till 1980s. After this he moved to Libya to work as instrumentation engineer for a fertilizer factory. With a couple of years of service, he left Libya and started his own firm by name Electro Voice at surathkal. The Firm carried the work of service such as repair and design of industrial instruments and electronics gad jets. After 25 years of service the Firm is growing with its reputation.

Prajwal V. Kumar holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics and communication) degree from N.M.A.M.I.T, Nitte, He has worked with Tejas Networks India Ltd, Bangalore in the year 2005 as a hardware engineer for design and testing of Telecommunication STM boards. During the same time he started working on remote controlled power tiller as a weekend job. The gadget was successfully tested in Aug 2005. Finding it difficult to cope with two works, he quit the Company and stated the company by name Mangalore Robotronics Technologies with the support of passive investor.

Dr. B.N Karkera: With 42 years of experience in the field of nuclear engineering, with his work background from BARC, Mumbai and as a consultant To DRDE. His field of work in the areas like, atomic energy, nuclear medicine, laser communication, aerospace and astronomy. With many papers being published and holding patents in his name. His key product is body phone, a hearing aid for totally deaf which will be a part of the production line for the company. With awards honored to him by Honorable Prime Minister of India. He is the Director for technology in this company.

Mrs. Pramitha Vignesh: She hold a degree in BA , LLB . She is the one of our Key Promoter.