• Para Weeder
  • Remote Controlled Power tiller
  • Palm Harvester
Churns weeds along with the soil, buries weeds while pressing down soil.
Width control technology in wheels to work in different row widths.
Especially useful in mechanized paddy where uniform spacing is maintained.
Lightweight aluminum body, easily carried.
Powered by 2 stroke 45 cc petrol engine.
95% weeding efficiency versus manual.
Estimated requirement of 100,000 units in next 5 years as per VST.
VST have tested this with the normal weeding machine; better efficiency.
Cost of the product will be Rs 15,000.

Paraweeder : Market Potential:
Demand in India wherever rice transplanter machine used.
Currently ~10,000 rice transplanters used in India; new sales of ~1500 units per year.
Massive export potential: Vietnam, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, China, Japan.
VST market survey estimates that one lakh units need to be supplied in next 5 years.
VST has found Paraweeder superior to existing engine driven weeding machines.

NOTE: Para weeder has patent pending in India and other countries.

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• Operating a power tiller is miserable for farmers and laborers
• Drudgery - farmer/operator has to handle heavy power tiller continuously for hours
• Farmer/operator exposed to hot sun, rain, soaked soil and ear splitting noise
• Farmer/operator at risk from muscle pain (knee/shoulder) as well as cholera
• Accidents with power tillers can cause severe injury or death; amputation of legs/hands from contact with blades
• Skilled and physically fit labor to use power tillers is increasingly unavailable

RC-PT kit comprised of three components:
1.Handheld remote control unit
2.Controller unit mounted on power tiller
3.Compact air compressor for powering pneumatics coupled to engine

Operator has three controls:
1.Left direction control
2.Right direction control
3.Brake lever control for stopping the power tiller
• RC-PT kit can be retrofitted on any existing power tiller; simple to install
• Likewise, it can be added to new power tillers rolling out of factory
• Easy to operate; practically zero maintenance
• RC-PT to be sold for Rs 25,000 to 30,000 per unit; price agreed to by VST

NOTE: Remote controlled system for power tiller has a Patent Grant In India and is patent pending in different countries

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Mechanical harvester for Areca Nut, Coconut, and Oil Palm
Wireless remote control plus video camera display system
Currently under development
Successful prototype performing climbing operation has been built, tested, and demonstrated
Project funded by DSIR, NABARD under guidance of NIT(K)-STEP
Commercialization expected by FY2015
Product cost estimates at Rs 80,000/unit

1. Tree climbing robot
2. Areca Nut tree
3. Power unit (compressor, power module)
4. Remote console with display system
5. Pneumatic hose for supplying pressurized air
6. Electric cable for 18v DC power supply
7. Safety Harnes
8. 4 axis robotic arm fitted with video camera
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